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The woman behind the brand. 


Hi, I’m Bri and I enjoy long walks on the beach and romantic sunsets. I’m a 29 year old entrepreneur who has discovered an undying love for the beauty industry. I am a licensed cosmetologist in 3 states and have been in the industry for 7+ years.  Before I nurtured my baby (Pucker), I was a colorist at a very prominent Washington DC salon servicing the elite of the metropolitan area. Being in this industry has always been at the base of my heart and has allowed me to spread my wings into other areas of beauty.  Lip plumping was my first step into entrepreneurship by creating something of my own.  It gave me a drive like nothing before and set a fire under my ass to be THE BEST. Over the past year and a half, I have grown my company to a height I had never imagined. I have no intentions on slowing down, picking up new trades as they come. I’m goofy as hell, love to bop to my music, and an overly obsessed dog mom. Any given day you can catch me either working on my brand or snuggled up under my Stormy watching trash TV drinking a glass of my favorite wine. I’m a well educated top tier experience you won’t regret. 


 From Pucker with Love


Briannah Charles

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